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CWS Builds Green

Commercial Wall Systems is proud to be an active participant in the reduction of harmful carbon emissions produced by commercial and residential buildings. Buildings are one of the world's largest producers of these harmful gasses. Utilizing steel instead of wood in the primary structure of buildings and homes not only reduces harmful emissions, it also provides several environmental benefits including reduced deforestation by minimizing our dependance on wood based building products. Currently, the United States is the number one contributor to deforestation.

When steel is properly installed, it can signicantly reduce costs associated the thermal bridging or energy loss that can occur when using highly conductive steel in framing. Contact us for more information.

Building Green with Steel

These days steel is commonly used for interior partitioning of commercial buildings, and the use of light-gauge steel framing is on the rise in residential construction. Steel has a lot of great benefits compared to solid wood. Steel is lightweight, dimensionally stable, resistant to insect damage, it will not rot or mold and is fire resistant up to

Steel framing typically contains 20-25% recycled material (10-15% post-consumer content), though some manufacturers have in excess of 90% recycled content. Steel studs are also recyclable at the end of a building’s useful life.



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